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Anytime Garden Fertilizer

Application Instructions

Estate Anytime Garden Fertilizer

Estate Anytime All Natural Fertilizer is a non-burning, slow-release and long lasting fertilizer that helps new seeds thrive and makes lawn care easy.

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Estate Anytime Garden Fertilizer Directions for Use

Garden Vegetables & Flowers

  • Apply 2 pounds per 100 sq. ft. and work into soil. To feed plants that are established, apply 1 pound per 100 ft. of row and water thoroughly. Note: Avoid direct contact with fertilizer and foliage of flowers and vegetables. If contact occurs, water foliage immediately.  

Established Shrubs

  • Apply evenly in early spring at the rate of 1 lbs. per sq. ft. and water thoroughly after application. Make supplemental applications of ½ lb. per 100 sq. ft. Every six weeks. Stop feeding one month before frost. Note: Avoid direct contact with fertilizer and foliage of shrubs. If contact occurs, water foliage immediately.


  • Apply monthly at the rate of 3 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. and directly under the drip line of trees. Best to feed in spring, preferably before growth starts, or in fall after leaves have dropped.


  • This bag covers up to 6,000 sq. ft. when used as starter fertilizer for turf.

How to Apply

This product may be applied with drop or rotary-type spreaders. Settings shown in the table are approximate for new equipment. Calibrate the spreader according to the manufacturer’s directions. Initial spreader settings may require adjustment to deliver the recommended application rate under actual application conditions. The desired calibration setting may be marked or recorded for future reference.

Spreader Settings Table

a data table with the appropriate spreader settings

Coverage Area

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Additional Details

quick facts about the product including coverage area and the NPK ratio

Tips for Good Lawns

  • Read instructions before using.
  • Use sharp blades, with mowers properly adjusted.
  • Walk at a steady normal speed when spreading.
  • Always shut off spreaders when turning or stopping.
  • Do not fill spreaders when on the grass.
  • Clean spreaders thoroughly after use.
  • Spreader opening and closing mechanism should be working freely before starting.
  • Be sure not to skip or miss areas.
  • Be sure not to overlap areas.
  • It is better to water deep when necessary, than it is to sprinkle lightly often.